Stoa seeks to encourage forensics competition among Christian home-schooled students, by recognizing achievements from a wide spectrum of tournament models.  The types of tournaments supported by Stoa are as follows:

  •  Stoa Tournament
    • 4 criteria
      • 1.     Debate and/or IE events with the minimum number of rounds for SpeechRanks
      • 2.     More than one club participation
      • 3.     Transparent tabulation procedures
      • 4.     The Tournament Director must be a Stoa USA member

All Stoa tournaments and NITOC Modeled tournaments are open to all Stoa members.

Additionally, these tournaments need to comply with Speechranks Standards.

Visit Speechranks to view the Minimum Tournament Standards.

Please note, SpeechRanks allows any Christian home-schooled student to upload their rankings from non-Stoa forensics competitions, thereby affording all eligible students the opportunity to earn an invitation to compete at NITOC.