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Debate Resolution Results

Thank you to member families who participated in the Stoa 2011-2012 Resolution vote. The following resolutions will be run at the 2012 National Invitational Tournament of Champions. 

Team-Policy Debate

Resolved: That the United States federal government should substantially reform its revenue generation policies.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Resolved: When in conflict, personal freedom ought to be valued above economic security.

These resolutions will be the resolutions adopted at Stoa's 2012 National Invitational Tournament of Champions, though students are welcome to qualify to NITOC through tournaments using other resolutions. Any tournament (Stoa tournaments, independent tournaments, or tournaments of other organizations) may adopt these resolutions as they see fit.

These resolutions were chosen after a 3-month process that began with Membership input in December and ended with a Membership vote in February. For information on the voting procedures and resolution writing process, see Stoa Resolution Committees.