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Note to Parents and Coaches

Stoa desires to encourage participation in Christian Homeschool Speech and Debate activities both locally and nationally.

The Stoa National Invitational Tournament of Champions  involves students regardless of their Christian Homeschool Speech and Debate Leagues. Stoa does not specify a particular number of participants in each event. Students qualify based on their own performance and their invitation is not dependent on whether other students choose to attend the tournament. 

Parents and coaches, this means many of your students who might not otherwise have a chance to compete in a league specific "National Championship" can now experience the thrill of competing against many of the best speakers and debaters in the country. Consider joining the competition each year.

Stoa extends invitations to students based on information from the National Christian Speech and Debate Rankings website, aka Speechranks. This national database for Christian Homeschool competitive forensics organizations benefits students by compiling and tabulating results of their accomplishments. Benefits of the website include the ability to:

·      Validate accomplishments and grant access to college and university coaches and to provide valuable information for scholarships

 ·      Establish a National Christian Homeschool Honor Society to validate and honor participation and effort with varying levels of accomplishment

 ·      Provide a measure of support and validity for the diverse leagues and organizations that are faithfully serving at the local level

 ·      Provide Christian homeschool forensics leagues with accurate information that can be sorted and utilized as they see fit

To access this site and find out how you can get involved in this new and exciting adventure,  please visit the National Christian Homeschool Speech and Debate Rankings.