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Q: Where do I register for Stoa?

Click right here!

Q: What does "Stoa" mean?

"Stoa" is not an acronym, as so many people assume. It is a Greek term for a place of gathering that was popular in ancient Classical times. Scott York, founding president of Stoa, wrote a good article on the background of the word, "Stoa," and how it relates to the goals of the organization. See "'Stoa' - What Does That Mean?"

Q: What are the eligibility requirements?

The eligibility requirements are posted on the Stoa Registration Page - Eligibility.
Beginning with the 2013-14 season:
  • To compete a student must be ages 12 - 18 on January 1 of the NITOC competition year.
  • To judge, one must be 19 or older on January 1 of the NITOC competition year. 
  • A student may not compete and judge within the same competition season. 

Q: Do I have to pay for registration by computer, or may I send a check?

You may pay by Paypal or credit card (through PayPal's merchant system). 

Q: I participate in other speech & debate leagues. May I register for Stoa, too?

Yes. Stoa tournaments are open to anyone from anywhere. Some Stoa tournaments will require Stoa membership and others do not. This is up to the tournament administrators. 

Stoa hosts the National Invitational Tournament of Champions (NITOC) at the end of the tournament season. Stoa welcome orators and debaters from other organizations/leagues. If you know someone from another league, you may inform him or her about this opportunity to further sharpen their skills. 

Q: How do I obtain an invitation to NITOC?

NITOC is truly a "national" tournament that invites Christian homeschool speakers and debaters to attend. As an "invitational" students must meet specific requirements to receive an invitation. Stoa utilizes the online database SpeechRanks to determine who may receive an invitation. (See the NITOC 2014 page for details.) For the 2014 NITOC, it is expQected that students must have their data into by April 30 in order to receive an invitation.

Q: What are the debate resolutions for Stoa?

The Stoa resolutions are (click on the links):

Q: How does Stoa determine their debate resolutions?

Beginning with the planning for the 2011-2012 season, Stoa initiated a proposal process and voting procedures to select resolutions before the end of the debate year. This is in keeping with the pattern of many other debate leagues. Voting for the next year's resolutions will take place in May, and the winning resolutions will be announced in May or June..
Note: Students earn invitations to NITOC by their debating success, not by debating a particular resolution. Debaters from leagues with different resolutions are still able to earn invitations  Any league may adopt the Stoa resolution for their season, especially kindred leagues of Christian home educators.

Q: How do I donate to Stoa?

Q: Tell me again where I register for Stoa?

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