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Leadership & Contacts

Board of Directors

Mark Russell, President - markrussell@stoausa.org - Presidential Term 2015 - 2017
Angela Childress, Secretary tchild@childress.net - Term 2014 - 2017
John Eyth, Treasurer - jeyth@stoausa.org - Term 2014 - 2016
MelRae Ambs - melrae@ambschem.com - Term 2015 - 2018
Robert Kwong - rnk.imgd@icloud.com - Term 2013 - 2016
David McKinley - sagecopper@gmail.com - Term 2014 - 2017
Craig Smith cjsmithfamily@gmail.comTerm 2015 - 2018

Stoa Board of Directors
Fall Board Meeting
Springfield, Missouri 

Craig Smith
Angela Childress
Mary Winther
Mark Russell
Debbie Snyder
David McKinley
MelRae Ambs

John Eyth
Robert Kwong

All Board and Committee members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their service.

Committee Chairs

Speech Committee - speechcommittee@stoausa.org
Debbie Snyder - Committee Chair - debbievirginia@gmail.com
Sandra Bateman - sandrabateman@hughes.net

Debate Committee
         Mary Winther - Committee Chair - marywinther@gmail.com

Team Policy Debate
   Maggie Carabelos - missmaggie17@gmail.com
   tj Harding - teamharding@yahoo.com
   Katie Herche - the1Nand2N@gmail.com
   Steven Vaughan - steven@homeinfusion.comcastbiz.net
   Griffith Vertican - griffithv1@yahoo.com
   Mike Winther - winther.mike@gmail.com

Lincoln Douglas Value Debate
   Chase Harrington - chasetraver@gmail.com
   Larry Sparks - larrywsparks@msn.com
   Brad Swygard - bswygard@gmail.com  
Parliamentary Debate
    Isaiah McPeak - isaiah.mcpeak@gmail.com
    tj Harding - teamharding@yahoo.com
    Colleen Enos enosmom@gmail.com

Individual Policy Debate
    Patsy Butman - patsybutman@icloud.com
    Joanne Quan - jo.j.quan@gmail.com

         Debate Resolution Committee
               Submit debate resolution suggestions to resolutions@stoausa.org
                (Resolutions are accepted year round)

                Eric Garcia - Coach
                Konrad Hack - College Coach (Concordia University)
                Ty Harding - Alumni Coach
                Chase Harrington - Alumni Coach
                Isaiah McPeak - Coach
                Larry Sparks - Coach
                Brad Swygard - Coach
                Doyle Srader - College Coach (NW Christian University)
                Mary Winther - Coach

IT Committee
Van Schalin - vschalin@stoausa.org
MelRae Ambs - melrae@ambschem.com 

Tournament Tabulation Coordination
Van Schalin - StoaTab@gmail.com

Van Schalin - vschalin@stoausa.org

Stoa is grateful for the service of the following prior
Board Members, Committee Chairpersons and NITOC Tournament Directors:

            Scott York - Founding President
            Van Schalin

            Konrad Hack
            Joanne Quan
            Laura Yeates

            Marie Stout
            Danny Eldridge
            Wally Long

            Jeff Schubert
            Chris Jeub
            Elise Pope
            Patsy Butman

   Speech Committee Chair
            Charlotte Rehn
            Craig Smith

    Debate Committee Chair
            Dorr Clark
            tj Harding

Stoa also wishes to acknowledge the significant leadership of Lars Jorgensen in the founding of Stoa.

NITOC Tournament Directors

    Van and Susan Schalin

    Van and Susan Schalin

    Chris Jeub / Chris Leland

    Laura Yeates

    Craig and Julie Smith

    Danny and Pam Eldridge