Tournament Calendar

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Stoa Tournaments

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Stoa tournaments are open to participants from across the country.

The National Stoa Organization hosts only one tournament per year (NITOC), but local, regional, and national tournaments 
are run throughout the country as "Stoa Tournaments." This means they utilize Stoa membership, tournament aids, ballots, rules, orientation slides, and other resources. Tournaments meeting the Stoa Minimum Tournament Standards may be posted on Speechranks can help students earn an invitation to NITOC.

Tournaments will need to be completed by April 30 with result uploaded to Speechranks immediately thereafter.

This page contains the evolving tournament schedule.
New tournament information is posted as it becomes available.
Please email Stoausa if your Stoa Tournament is not listed.

Please include tournament:
  • The type of tournament (see Tournaments page)
  • Tournament Name
  • Dates
  • Location
  • Events
  • Link to Registration Page
  • Contact information