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NITOC 2011

2011 National Invitational Tournament of Champions

The Stoa used for opening ceremonies.Point Loma Nazarene University 
San Diego, CA

The Stoa at Point Loma Nazarene University.
This was a typical NITOC view all week!

NITOC 2011 Memories

Visit the webpage for 2011 Stoa NITOC hosted that was hosted on the shores of the Pacific Ocean at beautiful Point Loma Nazarene University.

The 2011 NITOC Webpage contains:

Awards PowerPoint Presentation
Tournament Tab Files
Tabulation Cume Files
Top 50 LD and TP Speakers
Individual Events and Debate Breaks and Outround Pairings


Lincoln Douglas Debate
When in conflict, personal freedom ought to be valued above economic security.

Team Policy Debate
That the United States federal government should substantially reform
its revenue generation policies.

Stoa NITOC Invitations and Seeding

The document attached at the bottom of this page contains further explanation about the Stoa National Invitational Tournament of Champions. The document discusses the philosophical goals leading to the creation of the tournament. Next, the dilemma of how to meet and balance the representational needs of states with differing levels of participation is discussed. The bicameral National and State Invitational models are reviewed. The specifics of the point system for seeding using information from the National Christian Homeschool Speech and Debate Rankings (aka Speechranks) website is explored.

For those who don't like to read or just want to know the basics:

Stoa is using the open and public National Christian Homeschool Speech and Debate Rankings website to determine invitations to the National Invitational Tournament of Champions. Tournaments must meet certain minimum criteria for rounds competed as specified on the Speechranks website. Tournament results posted through the end of April will be used for invitational purposes. Expect invitations to be sent out in early May. Expect NITOC registration to open around the same time.  

There are two invitational models:

National Invitation Model: Two Green Check Marks

  • Two Green Check Marks next to your name in a NITOC event means you will receive an invitation  to NITOC in that event.
  • Green Check Mark = Winning Record
    • Defined as:
      • A top 40th percentile finish in a speech event at a tournament
      • A winning record in debate at a tournament*
        • * Tournaments with an odd number of prelim rounds must be computed slightly differently because of the relative ease of achieving a winning record

State Invitation Model:

  • The top speaker from each state in each NITOC event will receive an invitation to NITOC in that event
  • The top two debaters in Lincoln Douglas Value Debate  and the top two teams in Team Policy Debate from each state will receive an invitation to NITOC in that event
    • There are Stoa tiebreakers built in to the State Invitation model


Seeding Competitors at NITOC

  •  Events at the Stoa National Invitational Tournament of Champions will be seeded based on the rankings on the Speechranks website. Seeding is based on a student’s three best performances during the speech and debate season. This provides a motivation toward continued excellence throughout the year, as that excellence is rewarded at NITOC.
Chris Jeub,
Dec 1, 2010, 11:52 PM