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NITOC 2014

Speech Events

NITOC 2015 will host 13 Speech Events grouped into four main disciplines and Impromptu Speaking as a Break-Out event.

In all interpretive events, competitors write, or select and analyze literature, then bring it to life through the creative use of voice, movement, and facial expression, without the aid of costumes or props. (Please Note: Dramatic Interpretation is allowed a single prop for the 2013-14 season.)

Limited Preparation Speeches

Competitors get a limited time to prepare for a speech on a topic that is given to them at the speech event. Preparation before the tournament is described in the event rules.

Platform Speeches

A prepared speech, written by the competitor with the purpose of informing, exposing, or persuading on a topic.

New and unique speech events that are offered on a two year rotation meant to challenge competitors in their preparation and presentation skills. 
  • Broadcasting  2013-2015
  • Inspirational/Motivational Speaking  2014-2016

A Break-Out Event at NITOC means that all students who do not break (advance beyond Preliminary Rounds of competition) will be eligible to compete in Impromptu Speaking. This option allows students to continue to compete at the National Championships when they would previously have been eliminated. Impromptu will have Preliminary Rounds and Outrounds. Impromptu Speaking awards will be presented alongside the other events at the Awards Ceremony. 

All speech files are grouped together here for easier access. Files for all events may also be found on each individual event page.
Ċ Apologetics Questions 2014-15.pdf
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  Question Generators
  Orientation Slides
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All Speech Event Rules  3824k v. 3 Van Schalin
  Student Ballots
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All Speech Student Ballots  4421k v. 2 Van Schalin
 Prep Room Protocols
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Extemporaneous and Broadcasting  159k v. 4 Jul 25, 2013, 12:44 AM Van Schalin
 Room Administration Documents
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Apologetics, Impromptu and Mars Hill  157k v. 2 Jul 22, 2013, 10:35 PM Van Schalin
 Tournament Submission Forms
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Broadcasting; Duo, Dramatic, Humorous, and Open Interp; Expository, Original Oratory, and Persuasive Speaking; Storytelling  7329k v. 4 Feb 24, 2014, 8:42 PM Van Schalin