Logo Contest Deadline Extended Until February 29

posted Feb 1, 2012, 8:55 PM by Van Schalin   [ updated Feb 1, 2012, 9:01 PM ]
Erratum Alert!
Orlando Battista once said, “An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” Heaven forfend that Stoa should make a mistake! Therefore, we would like to clear up a big error toute suite (French for “faster than lightening!”) before it becomes a gargantuan mistake (gargantuan: English for “gargantuesque!”). Our Stoa Public Relations Committee was wondering why we had only received a dozen entries for the Great Logo Hunt (See article below). Then an astute observer noted that the StoaByte was only going out to parent e-mail addresses. The student e-mail roster had inadvertently not been linked to the StoaByte publication for two years! Eighty percent of the young, vibrant, creative juices available to the project knew nothing about it! Therefore, in order to harness this trove of inventive energy we have corrected our error and linked our students in order to obviate our mistake; and we have extended the Great Logo Hunt for a month, until the end of February. Thus, perhaps, we will be able to wrap up this affair according to the old adage “We don’t make mistakes, we only have happy accidents!” (Anonymous)

 The Great Logo Hunt
The search continues. Is it hiding beneath that pile of discarded Christmas trees in the apartment dipsy dumpster bins? Skulking behind that stack of new sweaters from Christmas that still have not found a home on the bedroom closet shelf? Trap it if you can, because between now and February 29th, (don't miss the date it only come every four years). The Stoa Board will take design entries from any Stoa member family for the new logo for Stoa Speech and Debate Organization. The winning family will have their registration to NITOC for one student paid in full. See the Logo Competition website for details.